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As we all know, when UNESCO added education as its principle activity, they committed on a holistic education worldwide. They also believed that sustainability starts from Education. We at Ministro believe that education is the only key to create more civilized and matured people in the world. We also believe that this will be the once in all solution for all the challenges that the world is facing today, like terrorism, ethnic clashes, poverty and many other major challenges. As The Ministro Foundation’s target group is youth (15-30) we have Education as one of our primary goals along with Health care and livelihood. We have education into three areas and we have strategies and work plan accordingly.

  1. Career Coaching Program (Age group 15 – 18)

  2. Professional Mentoring Program (Age groups 18 – 25)

  3. Life Coaching Program (Age group 15 – 30)

Career Coaching Program (Age group 15 – 18)

Career coaching is focused on career and work or issues around careers for the youth. We have identified that this is very important for the age group of 15-18 as they it is the right age to decide on their career. If we can mold them to during this age then we can make great individuals and leaders for the nation. Ministro Foundation will identify schools for this program and work with students from 9th STD to 12th STD and help them to decide on their career goals and help them to achieve it. Based on the research and Focus groups done earlier, Ministro has identified that there is a great need for these kind of program in the government and aided schools in the urban, semi urban and rural pockets of India. Hence Ministro will be working with schools of that kind and help them to grow in their desired career. If there is need arising in the other private schools then Ministro will also consider working with them.

Professional Mentoring Program (Age groups 18 – 25)

Professional mentoring program is offered to college going boy and girls in the age group of 18-25, to support them in course completion, confidence building and transitioning to further education or employment. We implement this program through peer mentoring designed specifically to bring under-represented populations into mainstream of education and employment. Peer mentoring provides individuals who have lesser life experience the chance to learn from those who have already recovered, or rehabilitated, from such experience. Peer mentors (will be mostly experts from different industries) provide knowledge on education and employment opportunities to individuals. The peer mentor may challenge the men-tee with new ideas, and encourage the men-tee to move beyond the things that are most comfortable. After the successful completion of the program, the students will receive professional recommendations from the industry experts (mentors) to build a more credible CV which will help them in their career.

Life Coaching Program (Age group 15 – 30)

Life coaching is a unique technique which helps individuals to identify themselves and help them build a much disciplined goal oriented life. We at Ministro believe that it is very important to be a good individual more than a successful business man or a successful professional. Through this program we help the youth boys and girls to identify themselves and provide an opportunity to change and become a good individual and enhance social and selfless thinking within them. This is done through social awareness programs, life skill training, individual counseling, experiential learning, and village vacations. Life Coaching is also an integral part of career coaching and professional mentoring program as it is vital to simultaneously develop the social thinking among the students. Hence this will help us to bring in a holistic approach towards achieving our vision among youth. We look at a society with good individuals who are well educated and think about the society more than themselves. If this happens we strongly believe that hatred and enmity will be abolished we can vision a peaceful world around us.