Profession Suitability Assessment


A Career Preparation Programme for Young People

Our programme, My Life – My Future, is focused towards students in 9th to 12th standards. It will help them to identify and prepare for a career in the field that is relevant to their interest, personality and aptitude. The immediate result of our programme will be:

  1. Commitment and Discipline in students to study well and score high marks.

  2. Good results for your School

In one of the rural Govt. schools, 100% pass was achieved in +2 exams, as the first time in their history of about 15 years.


In the 1st session, there will be an introduction about career/professional life followed by a short questionnaire to be filled by them. In the 2nd session, the results of the questionnaire will be shared as a report for every student and explained along with a motivational talk. Each student will be given an individual report with:

  1. Suitable Career Fields to plan and pursue a course of study for their desired professions.

  2. Specific measurement of their Academic Skills to improve in difficult areas.

  3. Emotional Strength assessment to build their self-esteem and self-confidence.

  4. Personality description to develop their conduct and character.

Further to this, through a membership in the programme, they can obtain additional guidance, use online resources, and showcase their talents, etc. until they start their career life.

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